Get Your Body Back

Get Your Body Back

Eight months after giving birth, Cindy Crawford is fit again, Here’s how she got her famous body back.

When rumors of Cindy Crawford’s pregnancy started circulating in Hollywood last March, every personal trainer this side of the San Andreas Fault wanted the job of whipping her famous body back into shape. So I was ecstatic when I got the offer to train the new mom and develop a post pregnancy exercise video with her.


Train The New Mom

Cindy invited me to her house to discuss the specifics. She told me I how much she liked my book, Primetime Pregnancy, which I wrote after I gave birth to twins three years ago. I couldn’t help returning the compliment: The woman looked great. I couldn’t even tell she was five months pregnant. Her belly popped out as much as mine does after eating Chinese food. Sexy as ever, Cindy wore delicate strappy sandals and sleek black pants. Her collarbone peered out from a crisp white button-down shirt.

Before she became pregnant, Cindy explained, she would exercise with a trainer. almost every morning, either running or doing sports conditioning exercises. Now that she was having a baby, she had cut down on the high-intensity cardio workouts, taking walks and yoga classes instead.

Because I am a mother, Cindy thought I could put her on a postpartum program that would take into account breastfeeding, abdominal weakness and fatigue–one that she and, when the video came out, other women could do after giving birth and then build on over time. It sounded like a good plan.

Four months and 30 pounds later, Cindy delivered an eight-pound baby boy named Presley Gerber. I called the new mom to see how she was feeling and to schedule her first workout. She replied she was tired but eager to get back into shape.

The 10 Minutes Workout

The first workout I designed for Cindy was 10 minutes long. It involved a lot of breathing and stretching to open up the shoulders and back, which get tight from carrying a baby. Cindy started it six days after she got home from the hospital and stuck with it for three weeks. She said it felt good and especially liked that she could do it in her pajamas.

During the fourth week, when she was feeling stronger and already fitting her genetically blessed body into her blue jeans-Cindy began walking outside with Presley in a sling or solo on her treadmill. Because she was breastfeeding, Cindy wanted to avoid high-impact stuff for a while.

Three weeks later, she moved to a more intense workout, which consisted of 40 minutes of fast walking, including intervals of lower and upper-body exercises such as crunches, push-ups and leg lifts. By then, Cindy knew we had the ingredients for her post pregnancy workout video.

The shooting was scheduled to begin when Presley turned three months old. When I arrived at Cindy’s house for the first day of production, she was already filming with the baby and her husband, Rande Gerber. After getting my hair and makeup done, it was time for my close-up. The scene was staged to look as if I were hanging out at her place and training her, so the viewer would feel as if she were stepping into a personal-training session.

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