Guide to Choose The Best Laptop For College Students

Guide to Choose The Best Laptop For College Students

The laptop is an indispensable equipment for the college students and office workers. Laptop is a compact personal computer can move anywhere. It has a very light weight, depending on the manufacturer and the type for the different uses. Laptop is full of basic structure of a conventional personal computer. So how can you choose for themselves a Laptop fit with business needs. This article will help you know more the best parameters for the laptop you choose.

  • Determine the Need to Use the Laptop

+ Before you make the decision to buy a laptop, you need to determine its use? This will help you buy the Laptop is right for you without being wasted or not enough laptop features when used.

+ Use the laptop for graphic design: With this demand, you need to equip yourself with a Laptop with good configuration. By graphics programs always require very high configuration.

+ Game: you need to select high profile, this will help you to experience the game one is better.

+ Using office, surfing the Web: With this demand, you should choose the laptop has low profile but has long battery time.

  • Select the Operating System

There are 3 operating system is currently the most popular of which are: MacOS, Windows and ChromeOS.

+ ChromeOS: operating system commonly found on the stream of cheap, lightweight laptop. ChromeOS is the most lightweight OS but also considered quite safe. Its user interface is quite similar to windows with an application menu, a home screen and the ability to open multiple windows. This is usually the windows path to the chrome browser and most of the application is the tool for the site. Because of this operating system is primarily a browser should ChromeOS will hardly be malicious code and virus attacks. Cons of this operating system is offline applications sometimes unstable operation. However, if you need a device primarily to surf the web, watch videos, check out the email encourages the proper choice with inexpensive, easy to carry and use long battery duration.

+ Windows 8.1: laptop use windows operating system are a majority on the market today because the price is relatively cheap compared to MacOS and stable operation than ChromeOS offers many design products for users. This operating system also allows users to buy a laptop with touch screen and the design can switch from laptop to Tablet PCs. If you are using the windows operating system but have yet to try Windows 8.1 then you probably won’t be out of familiarity with this operating system. 8.1 Windows start menu has been replaced with a basic start screen show a wide range of possible applications. However, Windows still has a 8.1 desktop mode to run all your existing applications and you can boot directly into it. This operating system is also not too difficult, with a number of utilities and system settings you will be able to add a Start Menu and makes the interface similar to Windows 7. The Windows operating system also provides the features for entrepreneurs and a few other special features.

+ Apple MacOS: the lines of the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro is Apple’s major products using the MacOS. In fact, some customers after used MacOS feel it easier to use than Windows 8.1. In addition, the laptop using MacOS like MacBook still offers the features just like IOS for applications. In addition, the Macbook Air and MacBook Pro still trumps the laptop Windows when it comes to design and touchpad.

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