How To Get a Killer Body

How To Get a Killer Body

To play an assassin in a new Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, Sarah Wynter had to get a killer body. Here’s how she Went into action–and how you can too.

Hollywood is the kind of place where grass grows without water and people can save their souls via well-paid healers. In short, anything is possible. Which explains how actress Sarah Wynter, whose muscles used to be marshmallow-soft, was cast as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s tough-as-nails assassin in the upcoming movie The Sixth Day. It also explains how she was able to whip her body into Terminator-caliber shape in just eight weeks.


Terminator-caliber shape in just eight weeks

“I was so unfit,” recalls Wynter, who failed every gym class while growing up in Australia. “I had never lifted a dumbbell before in my life. I couldn’t even carry my own bags through the airport or throw a bat!” She means a ball.

Wynter got into shape with help from hired gun and Hollywood Crunch Fitness expert Ari Jason. For three hours, six days a week, Wynter baked and boxed and lifted. “After training, I’d go home and rest,” the 26-year-old says. “For a while, my boyfriend [actor Emmanuel Xuereb] saw me in only pajamas and workout gear.”

“The director wanted me to look like a ballbuster,” she says. Pulling up her shirt, she proudly points to her freshly minted stomach: “I meet their demands now.” While she’ll show off her new muscles in the movie by punching and kicking Schwarzenegger, she’ll also reveal other parts of her body in a nude scene. “Let’s be frank. That’s enough to get me to the gym for three hours a day.”

Wynter’s training program was rigorous, Jason says, but he thinks that anyone with the time to sweat it out could do it. “Usually, Sarah warmed up on the bike, then lifted weights for about two hours and topped things off with more cardio work.” She also had to cut back on some of her favorite foods, such as chocolate. “I love to eat,” she admits, “so I didn’t completely deprive myself.”

While Wynter felt like slacking off some days, she never skipped a workout. “To motivate me for my Sunday hike, Ari would bribe me with a 10w-fat chocolate muffin. If I trudged to the top, I could eat it. Needless to say, I’d fly up there.”

Jason called her staunch determination “the eye of the muffin.” All jokes aside, Wynter’s body has changed a lot. She can now carry her own suitcase and throw a ball: “Now that I have muscles, my boyfriend always agrees with me.” Hopefully, Schwarzenegger will too.

The killer body workout

Here’s how to get lean and mean in eight weeks:

To get a formidable figure fast, Sarah Wynter had to burn through three-hour workouts, six times a week. Put her on an intense cross-training program because she had to completely transform her body,” explains trainer Ari Jason. “The combination of strength training and cardio exercise is the most efficient way to burn fat and calories and build muscles at the same time.” Since you’re not taking on Schwarzenegger anytime soon, Jason recommends a slightly less intense strategy: Exercise for 60 minutes, five times a week. “This way, you won’t set yourself up for injury or quick burnout, and best of all you’ll still get major results,” Jason says.

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