Some things parents should consider when choosing a balance bike for their kids

Some things parents should consider when choosing a balance bike for their kids

The chassis and shock absorber

Of course, the chassis is one of the most important parts of a bike. Everyone knows that the chassis need to be sure; the welds must firm and have a high aesthetic. However, there is one thing that not everyone knows is the number of shock absorbers. Typically, children bike needs two shock absorbers. The in front shock absorbers helps children not feel tired when cycling and keep good balance wheel when they run through rough and twisty roads. The rear shock absorbers help baby feel soothing and not feel a backache while practicing and moving vehicles.
Many people do not care about a number of shock absorbers because they think that this part is not too important. However, as mentioned above, the shock absorbers have very strong impact to the baby’s back. The important thing is that baby is improved when they are at the age of growing. If parents choose the unsuitable type of bike, their kids may be bored and tired back and would not want to ride anymore. Nevertheless, more importantly, is that the baby’s health is affected. And you should view balance bike reviews by click here┬áin order to know which type of balance bike has good chassis and shock absorber to choose the best one for your kids.

The safety of brake

Not only children bicycles but also public transport in traffic needs a safety brake. Therefore, when you buy a bicycle for children, you should try to stop the bicycle suddenly. If the bike does not stop fast but jerky, it is a good brake. However, this test is not easy; often those who understand the machines can feel the sense of sensitivity and the safety of brakes.

The size of bike

Parents should take the babies when they go shopping for a bike in order that the baby can test the bike seat. The distance from the saddle to the handlebars have to ensure the comfort and have to ensure that children do not have to stretch or bend down. When riding, the feet must touch the ground.

Some suggestions when choosing a balance bike for children

With babies 2-4 years old, parents should buy a car with wheel diameters of 30 cm
With babies 4-6 years old, parents should buy a car with wheel diameters of 40 cm.
With babies 6-8 years old, parents should buy a car with a wheel diameter of about 50 cm.
With a baby 8-10 years of age, parents should purchase a vehicle wheel diameter 60 cm.

Tips for parents to teach their children to ride a balance bike

Parents need to keep in mind the following three tips of the experts when letting their kids ride a bike.
On the advice of some experts on the psychological and physiological study of children, the children from 0 years have absorbed the education of parents. In addition, children from two years of age have the best physical development. Therefore, starting from this age, parents need more physical education activities for children in the best course. Choosing a bike for little kids of this age is extremely reasonable with children. In particular, parents need to remember three advice of experts for their children cycling.

Drinking enough water

Cycling will make your children lose more water. That is the reason why for the bike for older kids, the designers have designated water baby basket on the bike.

Parents should provide more nutritional supplements

The types of nutritional supplements will help kids recover faster and have more energy quickly that they need to ride a bike. The selection of food also needs to be reasonable to avoid constipation and stomach pain. The necessary foods are milk, fruits, food supplement with vitamins and minerals?

Parents should let children eat more meals.

The sports activities will burn calories and build muscle, so children need supplement more fibers like vegetables, fish, meat that are rich in protein in the diet. Additionally, they should add more types of fruits with vitamins and minerals such as oranges, grapes, custard … enough to provide additional nutrients to children.
In addition, parents need to choose a bicycle that is safe and quality for children.
If parents decide to let the children practice riding a bike, it is time for the parents to envision the size of the bike. It should be noted that, for children, the necessary condition is a bike that makes they feel comfortable and is really comfortable in a long time.
There are several methods that can make kids experience the bike as comfortable as possible. Modifying the size of the chassis under the body of children is essential if you want kids to feel excited about the bike for a long term.

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