Studio Monitor And Your Choices

Studio Monitor And Your Choices

Have you ever encountered a case when listening to music on headphones, you felt great but when moving to larger speakers, you do not feel so catastrophic? That is the difference between the sound system, possibly with many different speakers emit the same sound we heard a few differences. And that is one of the essential reasons that the music producer had to purchase a studio monitor. Testing your sound and more, you could find quite a large range of use of the studio monitor, at least when you use it in your studio. But which one is the best for you? Which one is the most suitable for your choices? Among many kinds of studio monitor available on the market, the best studio monitors are those that match almost all of your features.

With industry standard for studio monitor like Yamaha NS10s for a long time ago, now we have all the things on our market which is flooded with feasible alternatives with different prices, the selection of a pair of studio monitor in accordance with demand also seems to be quite difficult. We can note a few of the following to choose from:

  1. Room size

It is not buying a big size and large-capacity is good when your working room is too small. Selecting the studio monitor size matching the size of the room to get the best performance. If the room is small (less than 20m2) we can choose a monitor speaker about 5″ or less. With 20m2, you can use the monitor speakers with speakers from 6″ or more.

  1. Sound

You should keep in mind that studio monitors not vocalize sounds better but emit accurate, honest as possible in your mix. It will describe the entire audio mixes you create in the most detailed way, good, bad and in particular it describes the exact balance across the entire frequency range of the speakers.

  1. Soundproofed problem

If you are serious in selecting one pair of studio monitor for long-term use, you must also serious about audio processing his office to have the highest efficiency.

Through many post feedbacks from forums and several different users, Soldier Studio was selected to be a few suggestions for what you’re looking to understand and prepare for their first purchase control sound speakers, this is the speaker manufacturers are appreciated for the quality and work efficiency was voted worldwide.

  1. KRK Rokit Series Generation 3

The kind that is commonly used to monitor is the woofer 5 Rokit 5 screen and tweeter 1 response frequency range of 45Hz – 35kHz.

krk rokit gen 3

  1. Equator Audio

Equator Audio is popular with the 5:25 woofer D5 screen and display tweeter 1 response frequency range of 50Hz – 20kHz

  1. Yamaha HS

The highlight thing is the display woofer Yamaha HS7 with 6.5 screens and tweeter 1 response frequency range of 43Hz – 30kHz

  1. Adam

One of the most prominent things is considered as Adam A7x woofer with screen 7 display tweeter and 4 response frequency range of 42Hz – 50kHz

  1. Event

Event 20/20 BAS is featuring woofer with a screen 7.1 and tweeter 1 response frequency range of 35Hz – 20kH.

Above is the reference value of some studio monitors with the price under ?1000 in some European countries, the outside market rates may have differences due to import duties, shipping, etc. This article will help you know more about the studio monitor as well as for anyone wishing to get some useful advice to shop for a pair of the best studio monitor that suitable for any kind of aims.


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